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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Achievement - 02 - Instructor Excellence Expert and ITE curriculum Specialist (2012)

In mid 2012 I got a great opportunity to serve an Academy that was struggling more than half a decade to run the Cisco Networking Academy program. They were searching a good foreign instructor but everybody was reluctant to go there. That was the Cisco Networking Academy at The Maldives National University. I always believe ‘where the good instructors don't go where they are needed the most’ (A great saying said by Prof.Sugatha Mithra).

Finally in July 2012 after I finished the 4th module to my last batch at LAVTC, I packed my bags and went to Maldives for a 1 year contract. I had to build the academy from the beginning with the great support from Faculty of Management and Computing – Maldives National University (MNU). Within the first half of my contract I was able to setup a new lab and conduct one CCNA (Discovery) class. I met really good students and they were keen learners but they didn’t get the opportunity to study the cutting edge  technology through the Cisco Networking Academy for more than 5 years. I thought I should do something special for them because they were brilliant. So, I took my 1 month vacation after 6 months and came back to Sri Lanka to get the CCNA Security instructorship with my own money.

I am so happy to remind, within my 1st year in the Maldives National University I could conduct 2 CCNA (Discovery) classes (45 students), 1 CCNA Security class (7 students) and 1 IT Essential training for Lecturers at MNU. Apart from those, with the support of  Ms.Shafynaz Rasheed and Cisco Networking Academy - Area Academy Manager, Ms.Kalhari Kaluarachchi we could arrange couple of public seminars as well. 

Before I left from MNU, I had an opportunity to consult the Maldives Qualification Authority to place CCNA certificate into their qualification frame work as well. That will help to find a government job for those who have the CCNA certificate even in the future.

As an instructor personally I got 2 recognition and one great achievement when I was working for MNU. Instructor Excellence Expert and ITE curriculum Specialist in year 2012 are the 2 personal recognition I earned. And I cleared the ITQ pretest which was the biggest achievement I earned after working 5 years as a Cisco academy instructor.

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