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Friday, May 20, 2016

Cisco Networking Academy Council - Sri Lanka (2016 - 2017)

Cisco Networking Academy Council - Sri Lanka has formed to support Cisco Networking Academy ongoing in the country and collectively support for the CSR Manager to run the program in the country.

Become a Council member is a honor for the academy stakeholder, he/she doesn’t need to be a LMC or Success Lead, but someone need to be know the program and interesting on the program. The member need to be self-driven and focus to the program. In any circumstance more than 50% members not satisfied of the member’s behavior, the council can discontinue her/his membership with one email notice. Every member will get the opportunity to involve Academy best practice program and program planning of the year. He/she can get the ownership of the program and execute program with the approved of council members. More expose to program creating peer network would make council member motivating.

ASC and ITC take the equal opportunity to get council membership and instructor trainers are by default member and they can bring on board one more member on behalf of Academy. Instructor trainers get lifetime membership.

CSR manager Ms.Kalhari Kaluarachchi will be the adviser to the council and will take the leadership on council drive.

Council Officials - 2016 - 2017

Program Manager - Ms. Kalhari Kaluarachchi
President - Sarada Hettiarachchi
Secretory - Tharaka Guruge
Lifetime Member - Uditha Gamage (Instructor Trainer)

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