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Friday, May 20, 2016

What is Cisco Systems ?

Cisco Systems Inc

Cisco Systems Inc has founded in 1984 by Sandra Lerner and Leonard Bosack while they were working in Stanford University. Today, Cisco Systems, Inc is a multinational corporation based in San Joes, California as the pioneer of the network equipment manufacturer. They have designed this Cisco career certification tracks to train the new comers and other IT professionals to fulfill the needs of their customers, re-sellers and service providers who are using Cisco devices. If they hire Cisco certified people, they will get lot of benefits such as discounts from Cisco. So in simple words, ‘you are safe' because your job is secured.

Will it be an advantage to get CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certificate, even i am not using Cisco devices in my office? 

The answer is 'YES'. Why? Because, Cisco is the pioneer of this network equipment business. Even, now they have extended their product lines to Voice, Video, Security and Data Center (cloud computing) too. All the competitors are referring Cisco products and technologies before they do anything. 

It is like this, People are very much attached to Microsoft products. Why? Because they are having better GUI features. Even Linux is having much more better things, Still they cannot compete with Microsoft. Today, Linux is trying to produce powerful GUI which is similar to Microsoft. (I am not going to talk how Microsoft got their GUI in here)

Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) is one of a great product they are using to develop all the devices. It is unparalleled and compare with none. All the competitors are referring this amazing product to develop their software. So, if you learn Cisco, you will get the knowledge of all platforms. It is like learning C.

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