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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Best Path to Learn Cisco Technologies and Pass Cisco Certifications

Best Path to Learn Cisco Technologies and Pass Cisco Certification

Cisco Certifications are the most popular ICT certification related to Networking. Currently, there are many path ways to obtain Cisco Certifications in our education systems. From the Entry level certification (CCNET) to Architect level (CCAr) there are multiple certification levels and different certifications in a single level available in the system. CCNA and CCIE  are the most famous certification coming under Cisco Certifications.

There are three major path ways available to Study Cisco Technologies.

  1. Cisco Networking Academy Program
  2. Cisco Learning Partner Program 
  3. Self-Study

Cisco Networking Academy Program  

This is the best option and recommended pathways to study Cisco Technologies from the beginning. Students will learn everything according to an order. well-designed curricular, qualified instructors, proper evaluation, redeem voucher to wave-off 58% from the career certificate exam fee and many more other facilities will be provided by this Cisco CSR project - Cisco Networking Academy. In addition to them, Cisco Networking Academy is providing many self-pace course for the students to study independently and earn valuable knowledge with a certification. 

All the Local Cisco Academies are directly monitored by the Cisco Systems through Program Managers in the CSR team and Technical updates and Curricular development handled by Technical Advocacy Team.

According to the above figure, Cisco Networking Academy program is functioning with a well organized hierarchy. Government Universities, Semi-Government Institutes, Government funded Vocational Institutes and NGO who are support to education are working as Cisco Academies (CAs) in different communities. Cisco Networking Academies are running not for profit gaining but for the improvement of the society.

Academy Support Center (ASC) - This entity will provide help and support to all the CAs to run the operations in the Cisco Academies without any difficulty. 

Instructor Training Center (ITC) - All the instructors in CAs have to certified as an Instructor through a ITC. In the Instructor Training Center, there are qualified Instructor Trainers to train CA instructors.

Cisco Academy (CA) - Currently, there are over 1 million students studying in more that 10,000 Cisco Networking Academies in 165 countries. 'The World's Largest Class Room' is the simplest explanation we can give for the Cisco Networking Academy Program. 

Currently, IT Essentials, CCENT, CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Security and CCN Routing & Switching are included in the to Cisco Networking Academy Program. Linux Essentials, Introduction to Cyber Security, Introduction to Internet of Everything, Be Your Own Boss, Mobility Series, Get Connected, Programming Essentials (C++)  and many more self-pace certifications are available in Cisco Networking Academies.

Click here Locate Cisco Academies in you area.

Cisco Learning Partner Program

Cisco Learning Partner program is ONLY AUTHORIZED COMMERCIAL SOURCE for Cisco training. This program is ideal for the employees who are working to Cisco Sales Partners. Learning Partners conduct short term programs to prepare prior-learners for Cisco career certificates.

However, for a beginner it is highly recommended to get some experience before you participate for crash course like learning partner programs.

Click here Locate Cisco Learning Partners in you area.


If you can not fine any Cisco Networking Academy or Cisco Learning Partner in your area, still you will be able to obtain Cisco Certifications through self-study mode.

you can use many online resources including Cisco Learning Network and Cisco Press.

However, due to the popularity and the value of Cisco Certifications, there are many tuition classes conducted by many organizations. unfortunately, there is no guarantee about the quality of the program. Officially Cisco Networking Academies and Cisco Learning Partners are allowed to conduct Cisco training programs. Before you enroll to any Cisco training program in your local community, verify their authorization as a CA or Learning Partner. 

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