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Thursday, January 19, 2017

How to verify your Cisco Certification and Publish Credentials to an Email

Cisco Certificate Tracking System is providing a facility to publish your Cisco Certificate statuses to a third party / Employer through 'Publish Credentials' option.

Step - 01

Cisco Certificate Tracking System

- Select 'I have a Cisco.com ID' option and click on 'Login with Cisco.com ID' link
- Use your cisco.com user name or CSCO ID and password in the login page

    Step - 02
    Cisco Certificate Tracking System

    - Select 'Publish Credentials' in the left menu items in your Cisco Certificate Tracking Profile

    Step - 03

    Cisco Certificate Tracking System

    - Under the 'Credentials' Select the certifications and recognition that you want to publish 
    - Check 'Send All Programs' if you want to include all certification details to the publishing report
    - Provide the email of the third party or employer who is interested to verify your certificate statues
    - Type a message in the given space
    - Check the authorization check box and click 'Publish Report' 
     Once you publish the credentials, the third party or your employer will receive an email with unique URL and an authorization.

    Confirmation email


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