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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Cisco NetAcad ONE Launching

Cisco NetAcad ONE

As an Instructor Trainer at University of Moratuwa – ITC, I thought it is important to initiate an awareness program in Cybersecurity to our local community. Therefore, I thought Introduction to Cybersecurity curricular should be the starting point for this effort. Because most of the rural communities are lacking on basic understating of security best practices though they use mobile broadband regularly.

The difficulty was the method of delivery. It is not practical to arrange in-person visit to each location as a single person and that will restrict the effort to small community. That was the moment I have decided to conduct a Series of Webinar.

Therefore, With the guidance of Ms.Kalhari Kaluarachchi (Cisco Networking Academy Program Manager) “Cisco Netacad ONE” was created. ONE is for Open Networking Education. Introduction to Cybersecurity webinar was the launching of Cisco Netacad ONE. On July 07, I have started 7 Days Program and conducted 07 sessions with lots of attractions. I have given the access to the Cisco Networking Academy, Introduction to Cybersecurity curricular for all registrants (More than 350 people) and every day more than 125 people have joined to the webinar (Webex) from different parts of the country.    

There will be many more awareness programs under this tag line. It is a great success and unbelievably we are experiencing the interest of the local communities about this program. Because all seven (07) webinars have conducted in Sinhala language.

Cisco NetAcad ONE Youtube Playlist :

Therefore I strongly believe the effectiveness of training in native language of the community. However, I did not use translated-Sinhala words for technical terminologies. They are really strange and people really can not understand what are the meanings of them. Technology is not like Physics and Chemistry. many terms are adding and many terms are disappearing in very short time period.
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