Sarada Hettiarachchi

Skills and Expertise

My skills are maintaining my expertise
Training and Development Strategies
Coaching and Training
Soft Skills and Interpersonal Skills
Stratergic Planing
Project Management
Internet Technologies
Academic and Research
Training and Skill Development

Working as a Cisco NetAcad Instructor Trainer for CCNP Enterprise, CCNA, CCNA CyberOps and APNIC Community Trainer.

Educational Technology

Facilitating to transfer conventional education to digital education to expand the use of technology.

Technical Consultation

Consulting to Corporate and SME organizations to Design and Deploy Network Infrastructure solutions.

Professional Philosophy

Pillars of my rational success.
  • 1. Creativeness

    My style is to connect dots using patterns which are none exist.

  • 2. Mindfulness

    I always practice to maintain the focus to what I do, until I get the outcome.

  • 3. Trustfulness

    Trust will not make stress at all, if you know your capabilities.

  • 4. Dedication

    Reality is the outcome of dedication and commitment. I know it very well.


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    Glimpse of My Life

    I would like to share my life vision, mission and knowledge with you all.

    Meet Me

    I can be a supportive arm to your mission, as a;
    Sarada Hettiarachchi-Digital Educationalist

    Ready to give my service to improve your digital education solutions.

    Digital Educationalist
    Sarada Hettiarachchi-Digital Branding Consultant

    Reach me if you need any consultancy in Networking, Cybersecurity and Digital Marketing.

    Technical Consultant
    Sarada Hettiarachchi-Technical Trainer

    Join with my Training programs to learn CCNA,CCNA CyberOps,CCNP Ent and latest Networking Technologies like SDN and NFV.

    Technical Trainer

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