APNIC SDN Workshop - MMIX MMNOG Forum 2020

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the next generation of networking. SDN will recreate the whole networking concepts with new approach of centrally configurable networks in Enterprises and Service Provider networks.

This workshop has organized by the Myanmar Internet Exchange (MMIX) under the sponsorship of Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) on January 2020 in Yangon, Myanmar. The workshop was opened to ISP Engineers, Government Authorities and Enterprise network professionals who had good experience in MPLS and IP Routing. 

Sarada Hettiarachchi has conducted SDN workshop sessions as a APNIC Community Trainer

During the 3 days workshop, the following areas were discussed.

  • History of SDN 
  • The purpose of Data Plane and Control Plane separation 
  • Architectural frameworks for SDN 
  • OpenFlow protocol features 
  • SDN Topology discovery and management 
  • Segment routing 
  • OpenDayLight SDN Controller configurations 
  • Introduction to BGP-LS

As a APNIC Community Trainer, I had the privilege to share my experience and research outputs in the workshop as a resources person along with Warren Finch – Senior Network Analyst / Technical Trainer in APNIC.