Effective Online Training With Cisco Webex

With the COVID-19 pandemic situation, I had the opportunity to conduct Cisco NetAcad 'Introduction to Cybersecurity' course for the member of the Computer Society of Sri Lanka.

The program was held through Cisco Webex web and video conferencing tool. Six sessions were conducted conservatively in 6 days with 2 hours per session in each day.


The Introduction to Cybersecurity course is a basic course in Cisco Networking Academy program with the very comprehensive learning content. Most of the Instructors will offer this course for students to complete in Self-Paced mode and it is available in Cisco NetAcad website (www.netacad.com) also as a Self-Paced course.

Therefore it is very challenging situation for instructor to maintain the continuous student attention to this introductory course even in a in-person training. Therefore, it is a real challenge to conduct this course via an online tool specially for those who are working in the industry.

However, in the day one, I got 43 live attendees which was the maximum number out of 46 active students in the class and 39 was the minimum number of attendees I got (4th Day) during the Webinar. All 46 students have completed more than 2 chapter quizzes and 37 out 46 have completed the Final exam after last day session.

To obtain these statistics, I have used options in the Webex platform (Pooling, Q&A, Annotation, Chat, etc) and feature in the Cisco NetAcad Netspace Learning Management System (Canvas). Module Prerequisites, Completion Requirements and Quiz configurations in the NetAcad platform supported lot to maintain the momentum of student performances.

I am expecting to do more changes in my next virtual workshop with many other creative introduction to all my students.